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31/08/2018 We are saddened by the death of David Papworth. His obituary was published in the Eastern Daily Press. A memorial for David will be held on 25th September 2018 in Norwich Cathedral at 1400 hrs following a private family funeral. Further details will be announced.

24/10/2016 Press statement following the court case regarding Jonathan Howes: 24th October 2016. LF Papworth Ltd is deeply sorry for the injuries sustained by Mr Howes and hope that his health continues to improve.The company takes its legal responsibilities to employees, contractors, visitors and customers extremely seriously. We employ a Health and Safety advisor to monitor and advise on these matters and all our staff undertake regular training. On this occasion having shown our approved contractor the site and the proximity of the power lines they chose the position of their equipment and we had no reason to believe there would be any risk. We do accept however by virtue of our acceptance of guilt that we had not done all that we reasonably practicably could have to ensure safety on the site. By their very nature many farms are open places and in light of this serious accident we have strengthened our procedures for contractors, and are endeavouring to record all visitors at all times, to all land that we crop. We have also taken steps to remedy the deficiencies in our health and safety management.

20/05/2016 This week we drilled our forage maize for the Biodigester, leaving just our late vining peas and dwarf beans to drill this year. in the sheep enterprise, we have almost finished lambing our late lambing flock, whilst we continue to select lambs from the January lambs for our butcher's shops. We are spraying our wheat crops this week against diseases such as septoria and rust and we have begun to lie our irrigation pipes in potato fields reading for the imminent irrigation season.

06/05/2016 At last, some dry weather has meant that we have been able to forge ahead with potato planting. The soil has warmed significantly and we hope to be able to finish planting our salad potatoes next week.

29/04/16 Unusual news. A young stag (nicknamed Steve), has joined one of our main flock batches at Tuttington. We understandthat he is a young Sika deer. He seems to think he is a lamb, and plays alongwith the lambs each morning.

22/04/16 Cold, wet weather has delayed all of our operations, although we have managed to finish drilling our sugar beet.Potato planting remains behind last year. Because of the showery conditions, wehave decided to complete our fertiliser programme on all but our very latestdrilled wheat. All Spring and Winter Barley and our Oilseed Rape has now had all of the nutrients required to take it through to harvest.

08/04/16 Cold, wet weather has not deterred oursheep from lambing. We now have over 1000 lambs outside eating fresh grass.Some of the lambs from our early lambing flock are approaching their fishingweight, in time for Easter.


11/03/16 All of our combinable crops have now received some nitrogen fertilser

26/02/16 This week we have been out loading our stored potatoes to McCain to make potato oven chips. We have also put asmall amount of nitrogen fertiliser onto some grassland. If it stays warm anddry, we hope to start fertilising our oilseed rape next week.


03/02/2016 We won ! A great reward toeveryone involved in our potato production. Potato grower of the Year 2016.

08/01/2016 Happy New Year. We are delightedto be shortlisted for potato grower of the year in the UK Grower Awards 2016.Speaking on the achievement, joint managing director Tim Papworth said “This isa great honour for the business and a reward for the hardworking team of staffat L F Papworth Ltd.”

24/12/2015 A very Happy Christmas from all at L F Papworth Ltd. A huge thank you to all our customers, landowners, suppliers and staff for another succesful year. We sincerely wish you a very happy 2016.

20/11/2015 The winter months are when we hope to attend to our machinery maintenance and do some "estate work" on behalf of our landowners. This week has seen our Sugar Beet drill prepared for the 2016 season, new fencing erected on some sheep fields, a new irrigation main laid to reach one of next year's potato fields and winter maintenance has begun in the grain store.

06/11/2015 Potato harvest is finally over, and all except two of our potato fields have been drilled with Winter Wheat. With less than a month to go before we start to empty potato stores, many of our staff will be washing and cleaning machinery and have a few days holiday this week before we start to outload the stores in December.

27/10/2015 We are recruiting ! We are looking for a farm office manager. The chosen candidate will be an experienced administrator, with good communication and organisational skills. The office manager will be able to take on responsibility, show initiative and pay close attention to detail. There will be involvement in all aspects of the business, working closely with the owners, directors and farm staff. Full details can be found here.

23/10/2015 We have just scanned our early lambing flock. At present there are an average of 1.9 lambs per ewe! We are absolutely delighted with this; there are almost as many triplets as singles. Huge credit to our shepherd Albert for this; not long we start to lamb this flock!

09/10/2015 Potato harvest is in full swing, with two potato harvesting teams running flat out to fill our stores. At the moment we are lifting potatoes for Kettle Chips and for McCain.

25/09/2015 Sugar Beet harvest is under way with excellent conditions and a fabulous yield on the earliest lifted crops. Sadly the price leaves a little to be desired.

11/09/2015 We have started to drill our autumn cereals, with almost perfect conditions following Oilseed rape and Vining peas. Slug populations are very high at present so we will need to be vigilant to watch these crops as they emerge.

28/08/2015 With all of our wheat harvested and just a small area of Rye outstanding, our staff our taking a well earned break over the bank holiday weekend. Thank you to all for the long hours over the last few weeks.

14/08/2015 We are progressing with harvest despite wheat crops not really being ripe. Straw remains very green but yield and quality is excellent at this stage.

01/08/2015 WIth just our Winter Barley harvested, we are waiting on the Oilseed Rape to be able to combine some more crops. Meanwhile we are cleaning stores and preparing machinery for a busy few months.

09/03/2015 An opportunity has arisen for a shepherd with the skillsand motivation to achieve a high standard of flock production from 800 Mule andSuffolk X ewes producing prime lamb for the family butcher’s shops. Experiencesof all aspects of sheep production, including lambing are required, as is agood dog. Accommodation could be made available to the right candidate. If you like the sound of this and would like to be part of our team, please call the farm office 01692 40460101692 404601 between 8 and 5 and ask to speak to Kit. or email shepherd@lfpapworth.co.uk.

06/03/2015 Soils are begining to warm up, and planting Spring Barley is now a priority. Our main flock are now lambing at full speed; see the pictures on the homepage. There is just one week to go of the 2014 Sugar Beet delivery season. All arable staff have received a health check this week and our new planter has arrived. We expect to drill Sugar Beet and plant some potatoes next week.

13/2/2015 Next week we expect to start application of nitrogen fertiliser to our oilseed rape as the spring weather starts to warm soils and crops begin to grow. The lambs are certainly growing fast now. Meanwhile, the sugar beet harvesting and haulage teams are into the final stretch of a very long campaign which began back in September.

30/01/15 This week we have loaded and delivered the last potatoes from the 2014 harvest. In a year with such a surplus of potatoes nationally, this is a good achievement. Well done to all those involved in storing, growing and harvesting these crops. This achievement was recognised this week by one of our customers, who awarded us the  prize for the lowest bruising results of the year.  

16/01/2015 A busy start to the New Year sees us lambing the early flock, lifting sugar beet and out loading potatoes from store, as well as delivering sugar beet, conducting winter maintenance on our machinery, training our staff and doing estate maintenance on behalf of our landowners such as hedging, ditching and tree work.

01//01/2015 Happy New Year to all our staff, customers, suppliers and readers of this news page. May you have a happy and prosperous 2015.

15/10/2014 Our servers are now back up and running. Thank you for your patience. All emails should have arrived at their correct destinations.

12/10/2014 Please note that following recent storms, our email servers are offline. Please telephone the farm office on 01692 40460101692 404601 between 8 and 4 to contact the business rather than email. We will post an update to this as soon as we have one.

26/09/2014 The drilling team, who establish next season's Oilseed rape, Wheat and Barley have almost caught up to the root harvesters now and next week will begin the job of incorporating the mustard which was established in July to improve soil health and build organic matter. Pictures are available on Kit's twitter and our instagram page.

12/09/2014 With all of our Oilseed Rape and Ryegrass drilled, and potato harvest in full swing, the cereal drilling team will start to establish our wheat and barley on Monday. With the rain this week, conditions look set to be perfect.

30/06/2014 The Norfolk County Farms Competition farm walk will held on our farm at Tuttington Hall on 11th July at 1745 hrs. This is organised by the Aylsham Agricultural Show. Directions to Tuttington Hall can be found here. We look forward to seeing many people there.

17/06/2014 We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Championship of the Norfolk County Farms Competition 2014. We are very proud to have won this accolade for the ninth time. Huge thank you to all of our staff for all their hard work this year. We will be hosting a farm walk at Tuttington and dates will be published as soon as they are available.

06/06/2014 The recent dry weather has meant that irrigation is now the top priority on the farms, particularly on potatoes which are a very thirsty crop at this time. Next week sees most of our staff off to the annual Cereals event in Cambridgeshire.

22/05/2014 We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Sam Summers to the position of asssitant to the directors. Sam joins us in July from Euston Estate in Suffolk and comes with a sound knowledge of Norfolk agriculture. We look forward to welcoming Sam to the team.

30/04/2014 A press release regarding an incident which occured at Lodge Farm today can be found here.

26/04/14 We are delighted to announce the details for our Open Farm Sunday. Lodge Farm at Felmingham will be open from 10am until 3pm on 8th June 2014. Further details can be found here.

14/04/2014 We are recruiting: Assistant to the directors.

Job description here

Applications to recruitment @ lfpapworth.co.uk

Closing date for applications; 14th May 2014.

11/04/14 It is with some sadness that we have to report that our assistant to the directors Stuart, will be leaving at the end of next month to move on to a larger estate with more responsibility. We will part on good terms and Stuart will not be far away. Watch out for advertisments in the coming days for his replacement. A great opportunity for a first step on the farm management ladder.

28/03/2014 With all of our sugar beet and spring barley established, focus turns to establishing potatoes and to keeping crops fertilised and sprayed. This week we have also marketed our first lambs from the early lambing flock to our sister business, J and D Papworth Ltd.

14/03/14 A few dry days and the farm is back up to full speed again. We are establishing Sugar Beet and Spring Barley and have begun to plant potatoes on the lightest land. Lambing our main flock is almost complete, and we have drilled the first of our Vining Peas. All of the cereals and oilseed rape has had a first dose of liquid nitrogen and we have applied a fungicide to some of our early cereal crops to prevent diseases such as spetoria from damaging the plants.

28/02/2014 Our Joint Managing Director Kit Papworth has left for the first leg of his Nuffield travels. He is en route to Australia and New Zealand to meet up with the other global Nuffield scholars and then to being his own study. You can follow him on twitter here: @farmerkit. Back on the farm, we have finally completed our deliveries of sugar beet to the Cantley sugar beet factory for this campaign. The machines are all washed and put away and the staff involved having a well earned few days off before spring begins in earnest.

14/02/2014 Happy Valentine's Day. We hope you have a romantic weekend.

31/01/2014 A quieter time of year means that getting holidays and training up to date are someof our priorities. This week we have done, emergency first aid, rough terrain forklift and BASIS traing for our staff. We have also registered to be part of Open Farm Sunday on 8th June this year to help to allow anyone who would like to visit our farm and to meet us to come oalong. It should be fun !

17/01/2014 The continuing dry weather means that we are forging ahead with lifting sugar beet. The sugar beet factory is due to close in mid February, and we have approximately 200 hectares left to harvest.

03/01/2014 We have started the New Year with a rush. Our early lambing flock are in full swing. Lambs are being born inside the barn to keep them from the worst of the weather.

01/01/2014 Happy New Year Everybody. We hope you have a succesful 2014.

24/12/2013 Happy Christmas to all of our lovely landowners, staff, suppliers and customers. Have a fabulous few days.

22/11/2013 We have begun to take apart our combines and other machines in preparation for next season. Over winter we will be conducting a significant amount of machinery maintainence with our own, highly skilled staff.

08/11/2013 With all of our potatoes now harvested we have taken our self propelled harvester to lincolshire to help other farmers to lift their potatoes. At home, focus now shifts to harvesting sugar beet and protecting the newly established crops from pigeons and rabbits.

25/10/2013 We are delighted to announce that our joint managing director Kit Papworth has been awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Award to travel the globe studying leadership and management of farms and related businesses.

11/10/2013 Recent showers have allowed the newl drilled crops to emerge looking really well and have iproved potato harvesting conditions too. With almost all of the stores now full, we have just the Pentland Dell for McCain left to harvest.

27/09/2013 We are continuing to make the most of the dry weather to establish wheat and barley and to harvest potatoes. With no rain in the weather forcast, we are making the most of perfect conditions. We have also begun harvesting sugar beet on some of the heavier land.

13/09/2013 With all of the Winter Oilseed Rape in the ground and emerged, we are focussed on repairing the damage caused by heavy machinery to our soils during last winter. There are three subsoilers out every day at present, but the forecast rain this weekend may put a stop to that. We hope to begin establishing the 2014 winter cereals next week. Meanwhile potato lifting continues with both the salad harvesting and the ware harvesting teams working this weekend. On the sheep enterprise, we have recently purchased our replacement ewes and rams for the season.

31/08/2013 We have finished harvest in August for the first time for three years. This is a remarkable result given the latest start for many years and a tribute to a great team and some reliable machinery. We are now focused on completing rape drilling and lifting potatoes. In the sheep enterprise, the rams are now in with the early lambing flock of 200 ewes. The resulting lambs should be born just after Christmas.

17/08/2013 With harvest in full swing, our teams are working long hours to bring the crops into store and straw into stacks. We are hoping to start harvesting potatoes over the next few days too.

03/08/2013 We hope to begin harvest over the next few days. This is the latest start for many years and will lead to a bottleneck of work in late august unless the weather is very kind. It looks as though all of our combinable crops will be ready to harvest at the same time.

20/07/2013 Our average date for the start of harvest is 20th July. Crops of Winter Barley and Oilseed rape remain extremely green and there is no prospect of combining for the next 7 days. Our barley is still very green.

05/07/2013 We were pleased to have an article written about us in this month's Anglia Farmer magazine. It  can be read here.

21/06/2013 We are delighted to have been awarded 2nd place in the Norfolk County Farms Competition, run by the Aylsham Show. Against stiff competition we were awarded second place behind N E Salmon Farms Ltd. This means that once again we will be competing in the championship for this competition next.Well done to all our staff for making the farms look so tidy and neat. The hard work for next year starts now.....

07/06/2013 Priorities this week are the irrigation of potatoes, selecting lambs for our butcher's shops and spraying potatoes against blight.  Every year we are required by our customers to prove that all of our recording systems are up to scratch and that our staff and machinery is up to the job required of it. Our audits are normally carried out in June so we are also making sure that all of our paperwork is up to date.

24/05/2013 The focus this week has been mainly on spraying our wheat and barley with fungicide to prevent diseases such as septoria, mildew and rust from damaging the leaves. We are also spraying sugar beet with very small doses of herbicide to kill the weeds in the field without damaging the tiny sugar beet plants. Potatoes have started to emerge through the ground this week from the plantings in early March and the Oilseed Rape is now in full flower.

10/5/2013 Our former shepherd has been doing his masters degree at Haper Adams College over the last 12 months. He would like as many sheep farmers as possible to complete his survey about wormer resistance. You can complete it here.

26/4/2013 Perfect growing and establishment conditions over the last few weeks mean that we have only one field of vining peas and 20 hectares of potatoes left to plant. Winter Cereals are growing quickly now, and even the lambs are starting to grow as the grass improves.

12/04/2013 Rain is falling as I write this, and temperatures are soaring at last, giving a welcome boost to every enerprise except potatoes. The lambs finally have some fresh grass to eat as the ryegrass, like all of the winter crops, begins to grow. With all of the sugar beet in the ground except those behind Ryegrass, this is great news.

29/03/2013 Dry weather finally means that we can start to drill Sugar Beet. So many frosts over the winter have given almost perfect drilling conditions as the frosts help break any clods which are left after ploughing. The weather s still desperately cold though, and the growth of winter drilled crops and lambs are suffering as a result.

15/03/2013 Wet weather continues to frustrate us in our efforts to drill the rest of our Spring Barley and Spring Wheat. We have progressed with emptying poato stores, moving potatoes to McCain for oven chips. Meanwhile, main flock lambing is almost half way through, with good lambs being born.

01/03/2013 With many long hours worked, all of the sugar beet are finally delivered to the factoryt and almost all of the land is now drilled with Spring Barley or Winter Wheat. Conditions have been less than ideal, but with contracts signed, crops need to be drilled.

15/02/2013 With just 3 weeks left before the sugar beet factory at Cantley closes, the pressure is on to finish lifting the 2012 crop. Conditions are far from perfect, but we continue to drill wheat behind the harvester.

18/01/2013 We are in the thick of early lambing at the moment, with over 150 lambs born so far, and none of the much feared schmollenberg virus whihc we saw across the country last year. The land is too wet to plough or drill, so we are busy doing maintenence to machinery and buildings in preparation for a very busy period when the land does dry.

11/01/2013 Press Release: Jim Papworth wins the 2012 National Agricultural Award form the Royal Agricultural Society. You can read all about it here.

04/01/2013 Happy New Year to all. A busy period of delivering Sugar Beet over the Christmas period has left us with very little stock left to deliver. A few dry days has meant that we hope to lift tomorrow and drill Winter Wheat behind. In the sheep enterprise, the first lambs are due tomorrow.

21/12/2012 Happy Christmas to all our staff, customers, suppliers and readers of the website. Have a good one.

07/12/2012 A very wet period means that it is inevitable that we will, for the second time in three years, have potatoes in the ground at Christmas. This is not good news and highlights the risks associated with growing this crop.

23/11/2012 We still have a small area of potatoes left in the ground, mainly Pentland Dell for McCain. The land is now very wet and we desperately need some dry weather to get these lifted. We continue to lift Sugar Beet and drill wheat behind into reasonable conditions.

26/10/2012 Continuing wet weather has meant that land work has been confined to lifting potatoes at a neighbouring farm as contractors. We have just less than 40 hectares left to lift and around 30 hectares of cereal drilling outstanding. In the sheep enterprise, the Texel, Suffolk and Charollais rams have spent 3 weeks with the main flock ewes, and are now resting, ready for their date with the late lambing flock, which will lamb outside in April.

12/10/2012 We will finish lifting our Maris Piper potatoes for McCains today, leaving the Pentland Dell to lift. Winter Wheat is over 50% drilled now, with almost all of our Winter Barley drilled. Rams are now in with our main flock ewes.

28/09/2012 Winter Wheat drilling began on 18th September, a week later than planned. The first crops are emerging well now, and the Italian Ryegrass, drilled for the lambs to be turned out onto in the spring, has established extremely well. Potato lifting is now our main focus, and we have begun filling stores with Saturna potatoes, which will be made into crisps in March next year.

14/09/2012 With harvest finally completed on Tuesday night,the stars of this harvest have been Winter Barley and Winter Rye. A huge team effort by all our staff to get a difficult harvest completed in the wettest summer for 100 years.

31/08/2012 Another frustrating week has hardly seen the combines move at all. We are now desperate to cut the wheat which is standing in fields which are due to be drilled with Oilseed Rape. We have started to lift potatoes now, with average yields but good quality coming from our first crop of a variety called "Innovator".

17/08/2012 It is proving to be a very frustrating harvest. Dodging between showers, we have managed to cut all of our Winter Oilseed Rape and Spring Barley now, but the wheat straw remains very green and although the grain is beginning to dry, the straw is tough to chop and too green to bale.

31/07/2012 With all of our Winter Barley now cut and Winter Rape only just ready to be cut, we are sitting on the start line, ready for the off for the main part of harvest. We really do need 3 weeks of sunshine now. In the sheep enterprise, the teaser rams have now gone into the early flock, which helps to make their reproduction cycle ready for the real rams to go into the flock in 3 weeks.

30/07/2012 We have started the hunt for a keen young shepherd to work alongside Andrew, our existing shepherd whilst he is retraining. We will lamb almost 1000 mainly mule ewes next season in 3 seperate flocks, providing lamb throughout the year for the family butchery business. The position is full time and accomodation could be provided for the right candidate. A good working dog would be an advantage. For more details, please email: shepherd@lfpapworth.co.uk

20/07/2012 The promised improvement in the weather cannot come soon enough. We have a small amount of laid wheat and barley, caused by wet weather and strong winds last week but are confident that these crops can be combined. We hope to be able to start harvesting wheat and to cut hay next week.

06/07/2012 The continued wet weather has increased the disease pressure on many of our crops considerably. Late blight in potatoes and rust and fusarium in wheat are particularly bad, and we will need to spray some wheat crops with a fungicide for a fifth time.

22/06/2012 We took all of our arable staff to the annual Cereals event in Lincolnshire last week, as a thank you for their hard work this season. We have cut and baled our silage, ready for feeding to the sheep next winter and have drilled our final crops of the season. Dwarf Beans and Maize for a biogas plant. The warm, wet weather means that these crops are emerging very quicky.

08/06/2012 We have begun the final fungicides on our wheat crops which protect the ear from disease. We have also started spraying the potatoes against blight. The disease which, if not controlled, can devaste crops. We are now marketing around 15 lambs per week through the family butchery businesses, and we hope this will build steadily thorought the summer and autumn.

25/05/2012 We are finally back planting potatoes afdter over a month of very little productive land work. At least this wet weather has started to rebuild the underground aquifers hich we draw our irrigation water from. The later lambing flock has finished lambing and these lambs are growing fast with a huge amount of fresh grass growth.

11/05/2012 Opportunities for spraying have remained extremely limited, and we are trying to catch opportunities to get urgent sugar beet and wheat fungicide spraying on. Thankfully we have renewed our sprayers this season and so we are not short of capacity when the weather finally improves. All staff are catching up on wet weather jobs this week, including mucking out, rabbit control and fence repair, as well as taking some holiday.

27/04/2012 A third wet week in a row means that we are concentrating on maintenance and getting ready for the next "big push". We have just begun lambing our "late flock", which lamb outside on grass, and receive considerably less supervision than they would in the lambing yards. So far the lambs are doing well, despite the cold and wet weather. Spraying continues to be a challenge, and Sugar Beet are starting to have a significant weed burden to deal with, when we can finally travel.

13/04/2012 A vey wet week has seen us catching up on maintenance and mucking out lambing yards. Spraying is starting to fall behind as we dodge the showers at a critical time for cereal fungicides.

30/03/2012 With half of our potatoes planted and a wetter week in prospect next week, we are gearing up to give everyone a well-earned break over Easter, although stockmen and sprayer drivers will still need to do some work over the weekend. All of the sugar beet are drilled and the early drilled crops have now emerged.

16/03/2012 Potato planting and sugar beet drilling continue at an extremely rapid pace into perfect conditions. The land which we ploughed before Christmas for sugar beet has had several frosts and is breaking down into extremely fine seedbeds. In the sheep enterprise, we are in the middle of main flock lambing, with excellent lambs and perfect conditions to turn them out to grass. We have not seen any sign of the Schmellenberg virus so far.

02/03/2012 With all of the Spring Barley drilled, attention now shifts to drilling Sugar Beet. Land conditions are perfect, although the soil remains cold. We have a new sugar beet drill this season, and are keen to trial it before we get into the main part of the drilling season.

17/02/2012 Land is drying quickly and we have made the decision to drill spring barley. All of our Spring Barley is for malting and goes to Crisp Malting Group at Great Ryburgh near Fakenham. We have also finished delivering Sugar Beet into the Cantley sugar beet factory for the season. A huge effort by both the harvesting and haulage teams.

03/02/2012 All of the early lambing flock have now lambed and are out on ryegrass which we drilled in the autumn. We continue to send potatoes to McCains each day with excellent results. We are taking the opportunity to encourage all our staff to catch up on holidays and to get some additional training done.

20/01/2012 Over 50% of the early lambing ewes have now lambed and the strongest lambs are now out at grass. We are being careful not to turn lambs out too early as it has been raining in the latter half of the week. We have lifted a large percentage of the remaining sugar beet this week as well as starting to deliver Pentland Dell potatoes out of store to McCains.

06/01/2012 Lambing the early flock is now in full swing. 25% of the flock have now lambed in the inside yards at Tuttington. We will be looking for an opportunity over the next few days to get them out in the sunshine. Meanwhile, Sugar Beet harvesting continues, with around 75 hectares on our contract farms left to harvest.

01/01/2012 Happy New Year to everyone.

23/12/2011 The early lambing flock are all indoors now, with the first lambs expected early in the New Year. Most of our staff are taking some well earned rest over the festive period. Our thanks go to everyone who has worked for us in 2011. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

09/12/2011 We are still hoping to get all of the winter wheat drilled by Christmas this year, which will be the first time for many years we have achieved this feat. Meanwhile, preparations continue for bringing in the early lambing flock.

25/11/2011 The dry weather continues, and is now starting to cause concern for water levels in the underground aquifers in the spring. These are normally replenished by winter rainfall, allowing us to irrigate our root crops in the dry spring and summer. We have received less than 60% of our average rainfall so far this year and only an extemely wet period will redress this deficeit.

11/11/2011 We are well and truly into winter mode now, with training, tidying up and maintenance taking place alongside winter ploughing and intermittent sugar beet harvesting. All of the fields which will be planted with Potatoes and Sugar Beet have been sampled for nutrients and soil borne pests such as Potato Cyst Nematode.

28/10/2011 With just 2 hectares of potatoes left to lift, a huge thank you to all our staff for a fabulous potato lifting season. It is a several years since we have finished lifting in October. The focus now shifts to lifting and delivering Sugar Beet, which continues until February. Mild temperatures mean that we will not want to lift Sugar Beet too far in advance of delivery as they will deteriorate in clamp.

14/10/2011 We have moved into the final stage of potato lifting with varieties for McCain for chips being lifted into a store. These will be outloaded during March and April.   

30/09/2011 Almost 25mm rain over the last week has given us almost perfect conditions for potato and sugar beet lifting, and for establishing cereals behind. Sugar Beet yields are better than expected at this early stage in the season.

16/09/2011 With harvest a long distant memory, we have now drilled over 200 hectares of wheat for the 2012 harvest into perfect conditions. High temperatures are meaning that crops are emerging rapidly. We have also harvested some of our early sugar beet with higher than expected yields. Potatoes are proving frustrating though, with high temperatures and industry over supply meaning that we are unable to lift some of the crops as early as we would like to.

02/09/2011 At last the end is in sight for harvest 2011; the dull and damp days of August have been very frustrating. We should finish tomorrow with three seed crops for Limigrain of some of their newest varieties. Establishing oilseed rape has gone extremely well, with plenty of moisture for the tiny seeds to germinate. next week we will establish some italian ryegrass and then start to drill the new season's wheat crop.

19/08/2011 A good week sees us with just 4 full days harvesting to go. We have dried every tonne which has gone into store this season.  We have also starting lifting our 2011 potato crop with our new Grimme Varitron harvester, which can be seen on the gallery page. Delivery of Winter Barley is now complete and we have started to market our oilseed rape. On Monday we will start to establish the new season Oilseed rape; the recent rains have made for almost perfect seedbeds to get good early growth.

05/08/2011 Havest is proving something of a stop / start affair. We have finally completed all of our Winter Oilseed Rape harvest. Yields have been excellent. Both combines are now in Wheat, but Spring Barley is an important crop and we must harvest it as soon as it is ripe. The remaining lambs are now grazing chicory which is allowing them to put on weight faster than they would on grass at this time of year.

22/07/2011 Harvest has finally begun. Winter Barley is not a big crop for us, but it enables us to "get the wheels turning". It is best suited to the lightest land on the farm, so this is where it is grown. All of it will go to local Maltster Crisp Maltings at Great Ryburgh near Fakenham.

15/072011 Winter Barley has started to "green up" again after such a long damp spell of weather. This means that the almost dead plan creates new, green shoots which will never produce viable seed but will hinder harvest. We may have to kill the plant with glyphosate in order to allow us to harvest the crop.

24/06/2011 With 65mm rain to date this month, Irrigation is now stopped. Priorities include spraying potatoes against blight, preparing machinery for harvest and cleaning potato and grain stores.

We are delighted to say that we have just been judged in the large farm class of the Norfolk County Farms Competition and we have been awarded second place in this class. Given the difficult Autumn and dry Spring that we have experienced, we are delighted with this result. It also means that we will compete in the championship class next year.

13/06/2011 Tim has recently had the Titanium plate fitted to his head and is now recovering at home. Thank you for all of your messages of support.

10/06/2011 A little more rain is forecast over the weekend, which is really good news, particulaly for our Dwarf Bean crops which we have just drilled. There are some pictures of this on our gallery pages.

27/05/2011 At last we have had a small amount of rain - between 8 and 18 mm across the farms. More is really needed, but it has taken the pressure of irrigation over the bank holiday weekend. The last ewe has lambed this week 140 days after the first one (we have had a little break or two between the flocks). We are getting ready for an important project......more next week.

13/05/2011 The drought is become extremely serious, and almost all of our staff are now involved in irrigating crops. We must be careful to ensure that we do not waste the water so are doing the majority of irrigation at night. We are losing considerable yield now.

29/04/2011 All of the potatoes are now planted, which just leaves 40 hectares of vining peas and 40 hectares of dwarf beans left to drill for this year. The dry weather contnues, and we have started to irrigate Cereals. We are starting to lose yield in the driest parts of the farm to drought.

16/04/2011 Potato planting continues at speed, in perfect conditions. We are planting with two teams this season, one with main crop potatoes and one with salad potatoes for the supermarkets and for canning. We have also emptied one of our potato stores this week of Saturna potatoes from last year to Walkers to make crisps. Almost all Sugar Beet have now emerged and their rows are showing down the field.

Tim recovery continues slowly and he expects to hear shortly when he is to have the plate fitted over the hole in his skull.

08/04/2011 Our first spring lambs have been sent to the abbatoir. It is 12 weeks since we started lambing, and these are mainly the larger, single lambs. We expect to be able to market new season lamb every week now until the autumn,.

01/04/2011 With almost all of the Sugar Beet and Spring Barley drilled, the focus is now firmly on planting potatoes and spraying and fertilising the growing crops. The heavy frosts have reduced aphid numbers, which should reduce the number of sprays which we have to apply to control them. The frosts have also made the land more friable, breaking down clods and making the job of making seedbeds easier.

18/03/2011 Less than three weeks after the end of the previous Sugar Beet season, and we are already drilling the 2011 crop. The land is still wet and cold, but a few dry days has meant that it is starting to dry on the top. We have completed our Spring Barley drilling and will begin planting potatoes over the weekend.

11/03/2011 We are delighted to reveal that Jim Papworth has been awarded fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Society. You can read about it here.

04/03/2011 At long last the Sugar Beet campaign is over for another season. This has been a huge effort from all involved and our thanks to them. Despite the weather and the factory, we have managed to get all of our own beet into the factory, and all contracts are filled. We continue to drill spring barley behind beet into good soil good conditions. Meanwhile, lambing our main flock has begun with some superb lambs already out at grass.

03/03/2011 It has been a while since updated you on Tim's progress. He has typed a few words on his iPad himself:

"This week has been very busy with assessments at the Colman Hospital and Global Clinic in Norwich, they even asked me to repeat my 7 times table backwards from 100! I would like to thank everybody who donated to the Air Ambulance, the Colby girls raised £2009 from their swim and the Just Giving site is now at £1265 well done everybody."

19/02/2011 We have started drilling Spring Barley this week. We are using a variety called Concerto, and it will be used by Crisp Maltings near Fakenham to make the malt which is eventually used in the brewing industry. We have also brought our main flock ewes into buildings this week in preparation for the start of their lambing on the 1st March. Maintenence continues on potato planters and sugar beet drills.

05/2/2011 We have finished drilling wheat this week, but have had to change almost over 200 acres into Spring Barley. Sugar Beet continue to be a challenge but we have managed to keep lifting and delivering this week. We have finished lambing our early flock this week too, with good lamb numbers. Almost all are outside on stubble turnips as the sun has come out and the land has started to dry out after a wet winter.

28/01/2011 We continue to lift Sugar Beet and deliver to our local factory at Cantley. We are still optimistic that our own Sugar Beet will still be OK if we harvest and deliver immediately. Our sympathies are with those who have already lost their crops.

21/01/2011 The very cold weather mentioned in the previous post has started to cause our Sugar Beet to rot as soon as we harvest them. This is an industry wide problem but we are very vulnerable at this time. We are hearing that Sugar Beet in the Newark area have been written off. It is a worrying time. 

07/01/2010 Happy New Year. Our first lambs have been born today to our early lambing flock of Suffolk-Cross mules. We will keep them indoors and feed the ewes on silage until the weather improves and we can turn them out onto grass or turnips.

31/12/2010 L F Papworth Ltd would like to wish all our readers, partners, customers, suppliers, staff and families a very happy and prosperous New Year.

30/12/2010 A busy period since our last update has seen us delivering Pentland Dell potatoes to McCain for chips, harvesting more Sugar Beet, drilling more Winter Wheat and bringing in the early lambing flock into traditional farm buildings before the first lambs are born.

21/12/2010 The extremely cold weather has given us an opportunity to lift a significant area of our Sugar Beet over the last few days; temperatures fell to -15.8 Degrees C on Saturday moring. We have also been able to plough and drill Wheat behind the Sugar Beet harvester. Whilst not an ideal situation, the Sugar Beet are keeping surprisingly well and the wheat seedbeds are good. Wheat yields will be lower than crops drilled earlier in the season, and higher seed rates are needed, but the crop should require less fertiliser and sprays in the spring.

16/12/2010 Wintery weather has limited land work to spreading muck and kainit onto land to be drilled with Sugar Beet next season. We have lifted a further 18 hectares of this season's Sugar Beet and drilled wheat in behind. Preparations continue for our early flock lambing which starts early in the New Year.

Tim's recovery continues, and he will see his consultant before Christmas to ascertain a timescale for the rest of his recovery and for the operation to cover the missing part of his skull, probably with titanium.

24/11/2010 Tim continues to convalesce at home and is making good progress. He has a further operation to have on his head but that will not be until next year. He continues to build strength in his left side and is walking and talking well. Meanwhile on the farm, we are battling with the weather to get the last few hectares of potatoes harvested. It has been a dreadful autumn.

18/11/2010 Tim has recovered well from his chest infection and has been allowed to come home. He remains fragile but is pleased to be back. He cannot accept visitors but continues on the road to recovery.

11/11/10 0600hrs Tim continues to make steady progress. Doctors remain pleased with his recovery although his chest infection continues to slow his progress. He is writing letters and notes to us, but he is only allowed close family visitors until the chest infection has cleared up. We expect to be able to update this page early next week. The next news on this page will be our normal bi-weekly farming news.

03/11/10 1400hrs Tim has spoken through a voice valve in his tracheostomy tube to family members. This is another great step on his road to recovery. He is now moving his left hand and arm slightly, and has been moved out of the high dependency unit and into the medium dependency unit. He had a test yesterday on his brain function and scored 15 / 15.

01/11/10 1600hrs Tim has been moved out of intensive care over the weekend and into the high dependency unit. He has now moved his left leg, which we are all really pleased about. The chest infection is still a problem, but he is breathing entirely on his own now through his tracheostomy tube.

28/10/2010 1700hrs Tim has managed to write a few words with his right hand using a pencil onto a piece of paper. He has also been taken out of bed for a short while and into a chair. This is great news, and means that he is able to communicate with us. It also confirms that he has some memory returning as he has asked for his ipad. We  must make the point that Tim is only allowed family visits at this stage in his recovery.

27/10/10 1220hrs Tim's condition continues to improve slowly, but it is clear that this is going to be a long road to recovery. A tracheostomy tube has been fitted to help remove the fluid from his lungs and his movement down his right hand side continues to improve. Concern remains over the movement on his left side.

25/10/10 2100hrs Jim and Susan visited Tim today. He remains in a stable condition and seems to be getting over a chest infection. We hope that he will be able to breathe unaided this week.

23/10/2010 1030hrs The family are very grateful for all the letters, cards emails, texts, tweets, facebook messages and calls from all over the world offering support which we continue to receive. We are passing these on to Emma, Jim, Susan and the children who are taking great comfort from them. We also very grateful for all the offers of help from the farming community, particularly for potato harvesting.

22/10/2010 0900hrs Tim has tracked movement with his right eye and is certainly responding to simple instructions. He remains sedated to help with the pain, and to stop him involuntarily removing some of the medical equipment which is attached to him.

21/10/2010 1145hrs Tim continues to be sedated as it was felt that he may have been in pain with the infection and broken ribs. However, he continues to repond to stimulus and we are confident that he can hear what is going on around him.

20/10/2010 1100hrs Another day on the road to recovery today. Tim has had the pressure monitor removed from his head and came off sedation briefly. He also had the breathing apparatus removed and he was able to breathe for an hour on his own. It was hard work for him as he has extenisve bruising, 8 broken ribs and has a chest infection. He has been sedated again and the breathing apparatus put back in to allow him to rest until he has recovered from his chest infection.

19/10/2010 0900hrs Positive news: - Tim has started to respond to instructions, including moving his right thumb when told to. Although this is a small step, we are all delighted. He is initiating his own breaths now and is only needing help at the end of each breath. Given that he has broken ribs, this is also very good news.

18/10/2010 10.30hrs Tim has been moved into the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit at Addenbrooke's, where he continues to receive excellent care. He has a slight infection in the drain in his left lung but this is not a cause for concern. He has now moved both arms and both legs. Jim and Susan will be travelling down to see him today. We expect that the doctors may start to bring him round from the induced coma during this week.

16/10/2010 1730hrs Progress continues to be slow, and we will not have much more to pass on until Monday. The swelling continues to reduce and the scans show that no broken bone shards remain in the brain area but that he has multiple fractures of the skull. We now know that he has a punctured lung and has broken several ribs and a small bone in his neck. He has had a drain inserted into the lung and this is no longer a serious concern. He remains in an induced coma.

16/10/2010 0930hrs The signs are slighly more positive this morning. The swelling is starting to reduce and whilst he is still extremely poorly we should know more this afternoon when his CT scans are read.

16/10/2010 0800hrs The family would like to thank everyone who has sent messages, cards, texts, facebook updates and calls of support. These are being passed on to Emma who is very grateful for them.

15/10/010 1730hrs Tim Papworth had a serious fall on 14th October and has been taken by air ambulance to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and is being treated for head injuries. He had surgery on the night of the 14th to reduce the pressure in the skull.  We will update this story with news as we get it. Our thoughts are with his wife, who is with him, children and the rest of his family.

29/9/10 Tim Papworth has been appointed Chairman of the NFU Potato Forum. You can read all about his appointment here - Speaking on his appointment, Tim said "“I am delighted to have been elected to the role of chairman of the NFU Potato Forum and I look forward to representing the interests of potato growers in the industry.”

17/9/10 We were pround to be presented will the Bayer / Face award for promotion of Countryside Careers. Tim collected the award from Jim Pace at the Tower of London.

10/9/10 A very wet week sees us frustrated at being unable to harvest potatoes. Juliette and Salad potatoes for Marks and Spencer and Tesco are ready to be harvested but the fields are too wet to travel. We are managing to harvest dwarf french beans and drilling ryegrass between the showers.

5/9/10 At long last, three weeks after we finished last year, we have finished harvest. Yields have been generally poor, with wheat around 10 -20 % down on previous years, but prices have risen considerably since March, partly as a reaction to lower yields across the globe.

25/8/10 Andrew Willox has joined the team as our shepherd from the Scottish Agricultural College Hill and Mountain Research Centre. The Oilseed Rape harvest is complete and waiting for delivery to Erith in Kent for crushing into vegetable oil and biodiesel.

22/7/10 Winter barley harvest has started and will soon be finished, with some excellant samples of Flagon. We look forward to the Oilseed Rape next.

Ruby Wright started with us on Monday to assist with the sheep enterprise, we welcome her to the team.

 09/07/10 We are proud to announce that for the second time in two years, one of our employees has collected his long service award. Barry Pratt, who has worked at Sco Ruston Hall Farms for all of his woking life collected his award from Sir Jeremy Bagge Bt D.L. He is pictured above receiving his award, and is listed here.

25/06/10 We have begun to drill dwarf beans and fine beans for our local cooperative Aylsham Growers. These beans will be harvested in September and frozen within 2 hours. The extremely dry weather means that we may have to irrigate some of these crop to get the seeds to germinate.

11/06/10 Our staff have all spent yesterday at the annual Cereals event in Hertfordshire. Cereals is the largest event for arable farmers in Europe, with machinery, variety trials, agrochemical and fertiliser manufacturers and demonstrations of sprayers and cultivators.

28/05/10 Potatoes have started to emerge from the ground and we are starting to spray them to protect them from potato blight. Whilst the weather conditions play an important factor in determining whether we need to spray for this devastating disease, we will spray these crops up to 10 times during the growing season.

14/05/10 A cold spell has slowed the growth of crops and livestock. Our coldest May night for many years delayed spraying of sesitive crops such as Sugar Beet on two mornings this week. Tim was interviewed by BBC Radio 4's Anna Hill for Farming Today about establishing potatoes. We hope to have this interview in the gallery shortly.

30/04/10 With crops growing fast, spraying and fertilising of all crops becomes very important. We have to control weeds, diseases and pests, whilst not spraying on windy or frosty days. We ensure that the chemicals reach their target by using 'low drift nozzles', and we minimise the impact on the environment by using 3 highly trained agronomists, who decide the correct dose and timings for these chemicals. 

16/04/10 At long last, the weather has improved, and we have finished drilling sugar beet into good seedbeds. We have also drilled our first field of Vining Peas. This weekend we will be sending the first lambs from our January lambing to our own butcher's shops.

01/04/10 The winter weather has returned, with over 20 mm of rain this week, strong winds and low temperatures. This time last year, all of our sugar beet were in the ground, this year, we have only drilled around 50%. On the plus side, we have finished our main flock lambing with a good lambing percentage and lambs are now out in the fields.

19/3/10 The soil has warmed a little which enables the potatoes and sugar beet to be planted, we are employing the experience we gained last year with our satellite guidance system to maintain accurate drilling and applications. The final few loads of Saturna potatoes from the 2009 harvest are being delivered to Walkers for crisps; these have been excellent quality due to  good store management. We completed our TASCC audit this week which allows us to transport "goods" which are part of the food chain. This audit requires full traceability for the loads we carry on our lorry.

05/03/10 The sun has made a brief appearance at last, although the soil is still very cold it has spurred us into making preparations for planting potatoes and sugar beet. This week we have serviced the Nematicide applicators, fertilizer spreaders and sprayers. They have all been tested under The National Sprayer Testing Scheme in order that they apply products very accurately.

19/02/10 We are installing our environmentally sound "Biobed". This is a facility for cleaning up the water which is used to wash down the sprayers. The clean water is used to irrigate a belt of trees. We have received a grant for installing this from the Catchment Sensitive Farming scheme.

12/02/10 Tim Papworth was recently interviewed on ITV Anglia News about the exciting news that the John Innes Centre in Norwich is to plant blight resistant GM potatoes. See the story here. Blight protection costs LF Papworth Ltd over £250K per annum in agrochemicals alone. It also increases our carbon footprint.

05/02/10 We have started to move our Pentland Dell potatoes out of stores this week to McCains to make "Homefries" chips. You can read all about them here. Meanwhile, the workshop is busy preparing for the spring season by servicing and repairing the equipment which we use to plant potatoes and sugar beet.

02/02/10 We are shocked by the news that the Bird's Eye factory has cancelled it's 180 pea contracts with farmers for this coming year. Whilst only one of our farms is affected, the news has come so close to the timeof drilling that all of these farmers in Norfolk and Suffolk will suffer financially and now find themselves looking to find a profitable replacement crop.

22/01/10 Cold and wet weather has meant that training has been a high priority this week. Most staff have completed fire safety and forklift refresher courses. We also continue to lift Sugar Beet and deliver to the Cantley Sugar Beet factory.

08/01/10 The New Year brings a cold snap and significant snowfall to North Norfolk. Despite this, our first lambs our being born to our early lambing flock.

24/12/09 LF Papworth Ltd wishes all of it's staff, suppliers, customers and colleagues a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

11/12/09 Winning ways again! LF Papworth is delighted to reveal that it is runner up in the Farm Business awards Family of the Year 2009. To see the certificate, check out the gallery page or click here.

27/11/09 LF Papworth Ltd featues in the Anglia Farmer magazine! LFP was pleased to have 3 pages of editorial and pictures about the company in the December edition of the Anglia Farmer magazine. To see the article, click here.

16/11/09 The last loads of potatoes should have been lifted today at the end of a challenging season for conditions and market price! Our early lambing flock were scanned on Wednesday and showed good results which should produce an excellent crop of lambs in the new year. These will be in our butcher's shops in time for Easter.

30/10/09 After a trying season there are now only 30 acres of potatoes to lift. The drilling team is up to date with the drilling programme and crops are establishing well. Sugar beet deliveries are now settled into a routine with continuing high sugars.

09/10/09 We have started to harvest Sugar Beet. We are irrigating in most places in order to allow the harvester to lift the beet out of the ground. The sugar levels in the beet are very high, but we are breaking off some beet in the ground. Potato harvesting and cereal drilling continue apace.

18/09/09 Unfortunately, the 15mm below is the only significant rainfall for two months. We are struggling to find enough moisture to drill cereals into and we are irrigating to lift potatoes. The Sugar Beet is unable to open since we cannot lift the sugar beet out of the ground as it is too hard. The grass is drying up for the sheep too. We badly need some rain!

03/09/09 15mm of rain last night was perfectly timed, with all of our Oilseed Rape drilled and "sealed down" with herbicide. This year we are are growing the varieties Epure and DK Cabernet. We are drilling italian ryegrass today ready for turning out lambs onto next spring.

18/8/09 Harvest will be finished tomorrow! This is one of the earliest dates to finish ever. Potatoes are being delivered daily with good yields fulfilling contracts on Shepody and Premiere. We are now moving onto lifting the salad crop.

10/8/09 Long hours and late nights are allowing harvest to progress. Thanks to our dedicated staff, the Winter Barley is complete and almost all of the Oilseed Rape! Yields have been variable so far but quality is holding up.

27/07/09 We have finally started harvest 2009. Our first Winter Barley and Oilseed Rape is now back in the barn. For this harvest, we have purchased an additional Claas Lexion 570+TT on tracks. You can see a picture of it on the gallery page and a video of it working here.

03/07/09 Congratulations to Nigel Harvey on receiving his long service award at the Royal Norfolk Show on Thursday. Nigel and his family had a wonderful day. You can see a picture of Nigel receiving his award in our gallery page.

18/06/09 L F Papworth Ltd is delighted to be announced winners of the 30th Annual Aylsham Show Norfolk County Farms Competition. Tim and Kit wish to thank all of their staff in particular for their role over the past year in making our farms and their enterprises look so well.

08/06/09 Hosting school groups around the farm in a bid to enlighten the young where their food comes from is an activity which keeps us all in touch with education. This year to date we have welcomed Bumbles pre-school along with their Hippo! Brightstart Nursery, Norwich High School, Millfield Primary, Colby Primary and next week Thorpe House.

21/05/09 The first batches of Spring lambs have left the farm destined for our shops at Fakenham, Sheringham, Swaffham and North Walsham providing new season lamb for all our customers.

15/05/09 At long last, the rain has come. The yields on Cereals will have suffered from this incredibly dry period, but Sugar Beet and Potatoes have had a fantastic start to their growing season.

07/05/09 The weather continues to frustrate us. This week has been too windy to allow us to spray important fungicides on potatoes and cereals, but still no rain!.

01/05/09 Bank holiday approaches and for the first time in living memory all the wheat, barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet and potatoes are in the ground and the staff are taking a well earned break! It is now time for some rain!.

30/04/09 The Potato planting team is utilising our satellite guidance system to produce accurate beds in order to facilitate efficient irrigation and spraying throughout the season.

10/04/09 Spring has arrived the lambs are turned out on the ryegrass and are enjoying some sun on their backs.

The good weather also heralds the spraying season and the delivery of our new John Deere 5430i sprayer.

20/03/09 Today we have drilled 87% of our Sugar Beet into ideal conditions! All of the spring barley is drilled and we are pushing on with planting potatoes.

Conditions have been perfect as we push on with drilling sugar beet.

11/09/08 Harvest finally Over!

Almost 2 months after the start, harvest is finally over. Thanks to all of our staff, who have worked very long hours to bring in all of our crops under cover. We have dried almost every grain that we have cut, with considerable increases in labour and fuel costs. Now we must push on with establishing next year's crops.

12/08/08 Wheat combining at last!

At long last, after dodging the showers for all of the Winter and Spring Barley harvest, combines finally roll into wheat.

10/06/08 Kit Papworth commends Lioness Oilseed Rape.

In the July 2008 CPM magazine, Kit writes about his experiences of growing Lioness Oilseed Rape.

02/06/08 LFP appoint Health and Safety Officer.

L F Papworth Ltd have appointed an external Health and Safety Officer to work with the management and staff. He will be responsible to the Directors and will conduct spot check and regular audits, as well as completing COSHH assesments and ensuring that we comply with all other related matters.

01/04/08 Tim Papworth joins the board of the British Potato council.

After a year as a shadow board, Potato Council came into exitance as part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. To read more about it, and tim's role, follow this link.

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