L F Papworth Ltd is an award-winning contract farming company based in Norfolk, UK.


We have been growing Winter Wheat, Winter Barley, Sugar Beet, Salad Potatoes, Vining Peas and Oilseed Rape on behalf of other landowners since the 1970s.

Our combination of modern machinery, experienced management and skilled staff mean that we can always provide excellent service.

Contract Services

From sugar beet drilling to combine harvesting, grain storage to direct drilling, we aim to provide whole farm contracting and contracting services to landowners throughout Norfolk using the most advanced techniques and modern farm equipment.

We are well equipped to manage environmental stewardship, from grass cutting and topping to drilling of small plots and management of grass margins.

Regenerative Farming System

Since the 1970s, we have incorporated livestock into our rotations.

In 2012 we began reducing the tillage of our soils. Now, almost 80% of crops on our contract farms are direct drilled. This is better for soil, better for crops and better for the environment.

We add farmyard manure and compost to our soils and have reduced the use of artificial fertiliser. We make use of catch and cover crops, and take every opportunity to rebuild our soils.